Haylee-The Farmer's Daughter

by Whitney Bird in

Holy cow I can't believe Haylee is a senior.  I grew up with her older sister, so I have known Haylee since she was a baby.  I can not believe what a gorgeous girl Haylee has grown into.  She was always a cutie, but WOWZA she is seriously such a beauty.  

Haylee is one of the most fun-loving girls I have ever met.  She always has such a natural smile across her face because she is honestly always enjoying herself.  Her giggle is contagious, her smile is genuine, and her eyes are bright and sometimes a little mischievous.  This goes back as long as I have known her, and it made for an awesome evening of photos.  Haylee really knows how to work it in front of the camera, and she is never stiff or posed looking.  She just naturally looks this good :)  I adore you miss Haylee as well as the whole Folkvord family.   You really are something very special, and I was honored to photograph you.

I love the wind blown hair and the beautiful half smile in this photo.

 Of course wheat field photos were a must

 Not everyone fits so perfectly inside a tractor tire-I love this photo

Thanks Haylee for a wonderful evening filled with laughter and fun!