Good Things Come in Threes

by Whitney Bird in ,

I was lucky enough to take all three of these young ladies' senior portraits, and I was thrilled when they wanted to do some group photos as well.  I actually love to do group photos at the end of a senior session.  I never charge for it, so please feel free to ask a friend or two to meet up with you at the end of your session for a quick group session.  Cassie and Tara met up with Haylee and I at the end of her session out at her family's farm.  We didn't have a ton of time, but we still managed to have some fun, and take some great shots.

These three have been friends for years, and what a great keepsake these photos will make.  Plus, could these girls be any cuter?  I bet there are a lot of boys out there very jealous of my job right about now. ;)  Cassie, Tara, and Haylee, enjoy your senior year, and treasure your friendship.  You are very lucky to have each other.

 I adore hail bail photos if you couldn't tell.

 I recently downloaded an app called poladroid.   It is the cutest thing.  All you do is drag one of your photos onto the poladroid icon and voila- out pops your poladroid image.  It even makes the old school noise and takes a few minutes to develop.  I thought this was the perfect image to transform into a poladroid.  I am smitten with the app.