Pretty Penny

by Whitney Bird in

So I have to admit that I am a little obsessed over my new puppy Penny.  I have never had a puppy before and getting a dog was something I had been waiting to do for some time.  I am so glad I waited because Penny is perfect, and since I am finally concentrating solely on photography, I spend lots of time at home editing photos.  It is so nice to have the company, and I really never thought I would enjoy having a dog this much.  Penny is an awesome pet.  She is very content to lay by my feet, and when I need a break from work, she is always up for playing.  

Penny is so dang cute that I couldn't resist taking some photos of her.  She is growing so fast so I really wanted to get some of her in all her small glory.  I am not a pet photographer, but after shooting Penny, that is something I'd love to do more of.  It does however come with its own challenges.  Penny is so playful that it was hard to get her to sit still for the camera, then she gets comfy and falls asleep.  So cute!  I am sure there will be more photos to come, but here are some from a quick shoot we did earlier this week.

 My husband Kevin hates when I put bows in her hair, but it is just too cute not to.

Penny loves to sleep by the front door by our shoes.  Here she is passed out on my hubby's cowboy boots

Penny Lane, 10 weeks old, 3 pounds