More of Miss Shayla K {Three Forks, MT Senior Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in

You may remember Shayla from the Butterfly Shoot.  That shoot was largely my idea, and it differed from my traditional senior shoot, so we made plans to finish her shoot on another day.  Plus we only had about 45 minutes for the first shoot, and most senior girl sessions last closer to two hours.

  Shayla isn't exactly a girly girl.  Most days, she is in sweats or athletic gear, and her hair is in a side pony.  Her mom really wanted some photos done with her hair in a side ponytail since that is most like Shayla.  Shayla is beautiful no matter what.  She could pretty much pull off any outfit or hairstyle.  lucky girl!  

We did Shainy's back to school shoot that same morning so we did a few shots of the sisters.