The Adorable Duneman Family {Bozeman, MT Family Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in ,

This family nailed the perfect family portrait outfits.  They all coordinate without being too matchy.  It is perfect.  Honestly though, this family so dang good looking they could be dressed in 80s workout gear and still look adorable.  

I think Jen had envisioned this shoot going a little differently.  I think as she picked out the outfits, and got her kids dressed she assumed they would sit nice, and smile pretty.  I pretty much know what to expect by now shooting kids this age.  They don't sit still for more than a few seconds, they don't want to look at the camera especially if you ask them to, and they don't want to wear the matching hat or some other part of their outfit and that is ok.  The first oh at least five times my mom had my photos taken, I have big red teary eyes in all of the portraits.  I was always terrified of the photographer, and it showed.  Now I actually like to look back on those photos because they show a bit more of who I was at that time-a shy little thing that wasn't comfortable around strangers.  Kind of funny that I ended up a photographer.  My point is, that although posed family portraits look great framed on your walls, the photos of the kids being kids tell more of the story of who they were at that moment.  

Luckily, I try to get a good balance of both types of photos, and even though the sitting still moments don't last long, it is usually enough time for me to snap a photo like the one below.

 Notice how different Chase's expressions are in every photo.  He didn't make the same face twice.  The boy has a lot of "looks"

 Taylor is such a doll!  She is such a pretty little thing.

Enjoy your family photos, and thanks for having me out to your house for the session.  It was a blast chasing around your kiddos!