Mr. and Mrs. Love Bird {Miles City, MT Wedding Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in

This day was originally set to happen in June, but Jeff and Kelsey decided they couldn't wait to be married, and so they had a lovely November wedding.  

Jeff is my brother-in-law and now Kelsey is my sister-in-law, and I could not be happier to have her join the family.  Actually she has always felt like part of the Bird family.  I think we could both say that the Birds welcomed us into their family long before we ever married Kevin and Jeff.  We are both very lucky girls to have married into such an amazing family, but just take one look at Kels, and you will agree that Jeff just might be the lucky one.  

As a wedding photographer I get to witness a lot of wedding ceremonies, and there are usually bits and pieces from each that I remember fondly.  During Jeff and Kelsey's ceremony a reference to the movie "Up" was made.  I loved this movie!  Of course I cried during this movie, and I have seen it several times now.  Anyways, the gist of the sermon was that these two would spend the rest of their lives sharing adventures together.  I have no doubts about this as these two have already shared countless adventures.  They truly enjoy spending time together whether that be feeding cows, playing cards, or watching Jeff's favorite sports team.  They not only enjoy the big adventures together, but they equally enjoy the small ones as well.  You two are such perfect couple, and I look forward to witnessing and taking part in some of your upcoming adventures.  

These first three photos are exactly why I love "first looks."  We didn't really have another option since it would have been too dark to do photos outdoors after the ceremony, and we didn't have many options for indoor photos.   

 The bridesmaids were was chilly out but they still rocked those black dresses.