Winter Wonderland {Three Forks, MT Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in ,

This shoot took place on Christmas Eve, and wasn't it a beautiful day?  Beautiful yes, but it was also very very cold.  I have known the Strohecker family since I was just a wee one!  I spent a lot of my childhood summers on the lake with Carrie playing hide and seek until it was too dark to safely play anymore.  Anyways, Greg and Laurie are engaged and had both their families around for the holidays.  Carrie called me on December 22nd to see if I was going to be in Three Forks for the holidays, and luckily I was and felt honored to be a part of their Christmas Eve.  

So on short notice and in the Montana cold we made it happen.  The kids didn't last long which was totally understandable, but we were able to get some great group shots (the main point of the shoot) as well as some cute couple shots!

Such a beautiful couple and so very in love.  Laurie is stunning!

Thanks for having me out the ranch and for being such troopers in the cold!  I hope you all have a wonderful 2011!