Hello there, I'm Whitney!  Most days you can find me chasing around two wild little boys and trying to sneak in some quality editing time, as well some uninterrupted time with my handsome hubby!  During this very exhausting, messy, but oh so beautiful season of life, I balance my photography business with being a mom and wife.  Photography has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, and the roles of mother and wife have only fueled that fire.  I fully understand the value of timeless photographs, and I want to present you with artwork that will adorn your walls for years to come, and serve as a valuable keepsake.

I most enjoy photographing people who share a desire to have their lives captured just as it is in this stage of life.  I do not want to pose you in awkward, unnatural ways.  I want to catch you being you.  It always hurts my heart a little when people tell me they hate having their photo taken, or that photo shoots make them nervous because shoots are supposed to be fun, or in the very least, authentic to who you are.  There is nothing to be nervous about if you just prepare yourself for being real with the people you love most.  The rest is on me...

If I am going to expect you share your most intimate moments with me; such as the moment your dad sees you in your wedding dress for the first time, and I expect you to trust me with the most cherished people in your life, then you better get to know me a little better.  So here are a few of tidbits...Most of my work days are spent at the computer surrounded by empty cups of coffee (the occasional wine glass), random pieces of paper with scribbled ideas and inspiration not to mention lists, a handful of printed photos that haven't made it into the album, and a toddler who likes to bite my toes.  I am a lover of Mexican food, and my first date with Kevin (the handsome dreamboat in the above photos) was actually at a Mexican restaurant.  I've always been more girly than tomboy, but I'm learning that being a "boy mom" means playing in the dirt, crashing toy cars, learning about all things John Deere, and being on the go go go.  The biggest plus to having little boys is they give lots of snuggles!  I have a bachelor's degree in Media and Theater Arts with a Photography emphasis which means that forever ago, I actually was lucky enough to study photography and art!  Although I live in Eastern Montana and most people prefer country music, it isn't really my favorite. (ok it is actually my least favorite)  My playlists are consistently filled with old school gangster (I wanna say "gangsta" but I'm just not that cool) rap as well as chart topping dance music.  I'm not very good at fantasy football even though I love it and try really hard, and I'm even worse at card games.  BUT...Most importantly I believe in LOVE!  The up all night talking on the phone kind of love. (do the kids still do this???)  The wanting to kiss your babies every time you pick them up kind of love.  The kind of love that makes you laugh, like really really laugh from your belly, and the kind that makes you cry both happy and sad tears. The new love and the old familiar kind that has become so ingrained in who you are, you'd be lost without it.  "Love is the thing"...and I believe in it with my whole heart.  Oh yeah and apparently I'm winded and a bit sappy.

If you think I'd be a good fit for your photographic or design needs, please fill out a contact form, and I will get in touch with you about your wedding, shoot or project!  If you need to do a little more "research" first, check out my blog, Facebook page, or Instagram feed to learn more about me. (links above)