Alex and Jessica {Miles City, Montana Wedding Photographer}

by Whitney Bird

  I'm off to shoot a wedding later today, but I really wanted to get this post up since I've basically got this wedding wrapped up and ready to deliver.  It was such a beautiful day, and there were so many beautiful little moments that made up Alex and Jessica's wedding day.  I love a good mix of sentimental and fun, and this wedding definitely brought those elements.

  I had a tough time deciding which of the two similar ceremony shots I loved most...The one where Jessica's parents are lifting her veil, or the next one where Alex is watching looking at his beautiful bride.  I shared them both, because these are the moments that I absolutely LOVE!

Cody and Shelby {Three Forks, MT Wedding Photographer}

by Whitney Bird

  Back to sharing wedding images on this ole blog of mine!!!  This was a perfect wedding to start my busy season with.  The Sacajawea Hotel is one of my favorite places to photograph weddings! I just love everything about this venue, and the fact that it is in my hometown is even better.  Combine that with a genuine, kind, and stunning couple and it just doesn't get any better in this line of "work."  

  I get asked if weddings still make me cry, and yes, absolutely, weddings still make me cry.  If weddings ever lose that magic for me, then I honestly feel like I shouldn't be in the wedding industry; they are just too special to not approach without a sense of awe and wonder.  I LOVE weddings.  I always have, and it does not matter how many weddings I shoot, each one is special.  The moments that make up a wedding day are some of the most magical moments that I am privy to witness in this life of mine.  I always feel so honored to be in on them.  

This couple was magic to photograph.  We fought the wind for most of the day, but it really did make for some very romantic photographs.  Cody and Shelby, enjoy some favorites from your wedding day!     

Boudoir Session...What to Expect {Montana Boudoir Photographer}

by Whitney Bird

 So I completely understand that the idea of a boudoir session can be terrifying.  BUT there are dozens of reasons why posing for photos in your skivvies is a really awesome idea!  I absolutely believe in celebrating you.  I obviously think that boudoir sessions make a wonderful gift for your significant other, but more than anything, you should be doing a boudoir session for you.  So if this is something you’ve been on the fence about, or if you just want to know more, I am going to lay it out for you so you know what to expect when you walk into those studio doors.


 Ok…back up a bit.  I recommend considering getting your hair and make-up done, a spray tan, maybe a mani pedi, etc….Whatever makes your feel the most confident, do it.  (or just take a couple shots of vodka)  Obviously you will be nervous when you arrive, but I promise that once we get rolling, it’s not that bad.  So when you first arrive, we will go over what you brought to wear together.  (We may even do this over a glass of champagne.)  I will make suggestions, and we make an outfit game-plan.  I usually start you out in a nighty or teddy because they tend to be the least skimpy option which might help you feel more comfortable at first.  I also suggest that we save your favorite outfit for either last or at least towards the end.  I want you your most confident in the outfit you love most, so we will never start with it.  

 I will give you some time to change and touch-up make-up then we will be ready to roll.  I usually have my boudoir playlist going. (think Beyonce, Brittany, and Gaga-I’m always open to requests)  You will start laying in the bed, flat on your back mainly because that’s an easy pose to nail.  You aren’t really doing much but adjusting where you look, which helps with the nerves.  From there, I will work you into some more poses, and before you know it, we are ready for outfit number 2.  The first 10-15 minutes are generally a bit awkward.  Even if you were my sister, it would still be a little weird, but it gets better.

 Keep in mind that I have done a lot of these sessions.  I love shooting them!  The whole process is very rewarding for me, and I love presenting you with images of yourself that you probably never imagined having.  I studied nude photography during my schooling, and shot plenty of my own nude studies while there so I really am quite comfortable with boudoir photography.  


 Once you are in your second outfit, odds are that you are feeling much more comfortable with me and in front of the camera.  We will move into the main studio and work from there.  By this point you will probably feel comfortable enough to add in your own posing ideas, and by the time you are in your third outfit, the nerves will mainly be gone, and you will forget that you are walking around striking poses in your panties.  

 Your shoot will last 1-2 hours depending on how many outfits you bring, and what all you are up for doing.  I always mention at the end of the shoot, if you are comfortable we can do some white sheet shots where you are wearing only the sheet.  I have also had women have their own creative ideas for what to cover up with, or decide to not cover up much at all…  You will be surprised by what you are up for after that first hour.  


 Yes, a boudoir session can feel nerve wracking, but it you are seriously already thinking about one, or what one might look like, you probably have the confidence to pull it off!!!  They are a lot of fun, and the sexiest kind of gift for not only your significant other, but for you as well! 

 If you need a little outfit inspiration visit the link below!  I laid out what options I think work best for a boudoir session.