David and Suella-Soon to be parents! (Miles City, MT Maternity Photographer)

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I have another beautiful maternity session to share.  Suella is so gorgeous and she takes some fierce photos.  Suella's fiance is my husband's cousin, and I have so enjoyed getting to know her over the past year.  She is having a boy, and I am really looking forward to having our boys grow up together.  David and Suella, you two are going to be wonderful parents, and I can't wait to meet your little guy.  I am so happy for you, and so excited for all the fun we will have with our kids!    

Ashten, Brady, and Baby Belly. {Miles City, MT Maternity Photographer}

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I am so excited to share this sneak peek, and I know Ashten has been dying to see these!  Ashten is gorgeous, and looks so wonderfully happy.  I have recently really fell in love with maternity sessions, and this session is exactly why.  Maternity sessions are such a celebration of the life you are carrying, your relationship, and becoming a mother.  I just love them!  Of course when I have amazing clients like these two, it is easy to get lost in my photography.  We also did bare belly shots in the studio, but those images are private, and for Brady and Ashten to share with whomever they choose.  Even if it killed me not to post a single one because they really turned out so beautifully.  

I know you are anxious to meet your little girl Ashten, but enjoy these last few weeks of your pregnancy.  I am so happy to have been your photographer to capture this amazing time in your life, and grateful for your trust in this session.  You are an amazing friend, and I look forward to many more photographs of your family.  

The Zell family of almost 4 {Montana, Maternity Photographer}

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This was such a fun and relaxed shoot.  I was worried about the dark clouds and wind, but the clouds cleared, and the wind ended up being just a breeze.  It was a perfect summer evening.  Alivia loved being out at the ranch, and she loves to explore so that's basically what we did.  It didn't take her long to warm up to me and the camera, and she is so cute and photogenic.  She obviously gets that from her gorgeous mother.  

I love maternity/family sessions.  It is always a good idea to celebrate a pregnancy by getting portraits taken of yourself and with your family.  It is amazing how quickly you forget the way you looked while pregnant.  The new curves.  The way shirts stretch around you.  The way your hands automatically rest on your belly.  The glow from carrying a life inside of you.  Pregnancy is so beautiful, and although one of the most trying things a woman will every do, it is something so worth remembering.  Thank you Lindsay for trusting me with to capture this special time in your life, and to capture your beautiful family sharing in that time with you.  

What a perfect baby bump!