Cody and Shelby {Three Forks, MT Wedding Photographer}

by Whitney Bird

  Back to sharing wedding images on this ole blog of mine!!!  This was a perfect wedding to start my busy season with.  The Sacajawea Hotel is one of my favorite places to photograph weddings! I just love everything about this venue, and the fact that it is in my hometown is even better.  Combine that with a genuine, kind, and stunning couple and it just doesn't get any better in this line of "work."  

  I get asked if weddings still make me cry, and yes, absolutely, weddings still make me cry.  If weddings ever lose that magic for me, then I honestly feel like I shouldn't be in the wedding industry; they are just too special to not approach without a sense of awe and wonder.  I LOVE weddings.  I always have, and it does not matter how many weddings I shoot, each one is special.  The moments that make up a wedding day are some of the most magical moments that I am privy to witness in this life of mine.  I always feel so honored to be in on them.  

This couple was magic to photograph.  We fought the wind for most of the day, but it really did make for some very romantic photographs.  Cody and Shelby, enjoy some favorites from your wedding day!