Oyler Wedding {Eastern Montana Wedding Photographer}

by Whitney Bird

I shot this beautiful wedding at the end of 2017 during one of the coldest/snowiest days of the winter.  I wasn't sure we were going to get the winter photos Emma had been dreaming about, but it turns out she is one brave bride!  I arrived in Ekalaka equipped with all the winter essentials, snow pants, hat, boots, fingerless gloves, and my own driver since Kevin thought that it was best to drive me since the roads were going to be so bad.  With the temperature at -14 and us standing on top of a hill with blowing snow, and a wind chill that made it even colder, we knocked out as many outdoor photos as possible without anyone getting frost bite.  It was like being in a very cold snow globe, and I am so thankful that Emma and Henry were game.

I really don't care what the weather conditions are...If you want to do some outdoor photos, I will never ever talk you out of those.  I mean these are so pretty, and I hope they both think it was worth it!  Winter photos are just so romantic, and they are so fitting because this truly was a very romantic wedding.  Enjoy a sneak peek into Henry and Emma's winter wonderland wedding!