Burman Baby Bump {Miles City, Montana Maternity Photographer}

by Whitney Bird

  I will never tire of taking photos of this beautiful family.  I have been blessed to shoot so many special occasions for them including Ashten and Cole's wedding and engagement portraits, Perri's newborn, 6 month, and other various milestones, along with a handful of other sessions.  This session is one of the most special.  Cole, Ashten, and Perri will soon be entering a challenging season of life.  From the moment Ashten told me what was going on, I knew Phoenix was in the best possible care.  Ashten is one of the strongest women I know, and she handles what life throws at her with light, faith, and grace.  She does not break easily, and if Phoenix is anything like her mom, she will be born just as much the fighter her mother is.  I am going to share, with Ashten's permission, a recent facebook status to keep her friends in the know about Phoenix.  Since I know the Burman's have held tightly to their faith during this time, I also know that all prayers and positive vibes are very welcome.

  From Ashten- "Although I know many of our friends and family know~we have many who are asking and wondering so we wanted to let those of you concerned know what is going on! We found out at 20 weeks that Phoenix has a heart defect called tetrology of fallot~we have spent the last few months monitoring her growth and keeping a close eye on her heart! I am finally almost 33 weeks so we have began to prepare for our relocation down to Denver in the next couple weeks! She will be delivered at 39 weeks ~October 23rd~and will have open heart surgery around 5-7 days after! As far as details that is as much as we know~there are many factors determining plans moving forward after she is born but we are sticking to the positive route! We have been blessed beyond words to be surrounded by amazing family, friends, my clients and our church family! The hardest thing I've found out is being a parent and not being able to control the pain our children may endure~everyday I put it in Gods hands and remember all I have control of is keeping a positive attitude and believing in his miracles! I'm grateful everyday for Perri who continues to bring a smile to my face, happiness to my heart and my incredibly strong, supportive, hardworking husband who continues daily to remind me of all the blessings in our life! Thank you all for the kind words and messages~we ask you to continue to keep us in your prayers as our journey is only about to begin.""