Shainy Mae {Three Forks, MT Senior Photographer}

by Whitney Bird

  Happy Hump Day!!!  I am so pumped to be sharing my favorites from my cousin's senior session!  First off, I want to give a little bit of a back story......So I have literally been photographing Shainy since she was a baby.  Shainy was born when I was 15, and is the youngest in our cousin crew.  Around that time, I was just starting to really fall in love with photography, and what better model than my little God daughter who I spent a lot of time with.  She was even the subject of my final project during my senior year off high school.  Over the years she has been in front of my camera numerous times, so this shoot was easy in the sense that we both just know what to expect.  When I told her I wanted to try out a smoke bomb, she was game.  When she found a vintage feeling chair to use and sent me a snap, I was game.  We just work well together.

  It is extremely hard to believe that this girl is going to be a senior.  The baby of the family all grown up, and what a phenomenal person she is growing into.  She has a sharp wit, and a quiet way.  She calls things as she sees them with a no B.S. approach.  Shainy stands out as an athlete in a family of athletes, carving her own way in every sport she plays.  Obviously she is stunning, but she is also smart and driven.  Gracious and kind, and really fun to be around.  I have a soft spot for her, and probably always will.  I mean this girl gave a toast at my wedding when she was 10 that had everyone cracking up.  A special girl for sure.