A Mother's Day Gift {Miles City, MT Family Photographer}

by Whitney Bird

  I have secretly been hoping Vicki would ask me to shoot her family probably since I first met her.  So when it came about sort of last minute, I knew I would make it work.  She told me it was what she wanted for Mother's Day; photos with her kids, and she made sure they knew that too.  You play the Mother's Day card, and kids will cooperate-genius.  We ended up spending a relaxed evening at their home, with perfect weather, and plenty of Spring color.

  It seems to be much more common for Mother's to make photos with their babies or smaller children a priority.  But the season of life when your kids are older is also a very special time. Your role has blossomed from that caretaker stage and into a more adult phase.   You wear the hat of not only mom, but also friend, confidant, supporter, etc.  You are at the point where you really see your hard work as a mother pay off as your children start to become the person you helped mold them into.  I have no doubts that these kids will go on to do big things because I know their mom, and how much love she poured into them.  They are lucky, and I judging by our time together, they know it.