Boudoir...What to Wear {Montana, Boudoir Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in

  The opening of my studio has brought in a lot more boudoir clients which is AWESOME!!!  Having a place for my boudoir sessions was actually one of the main reasons for the studio, and I even have one room that I like to affectionately call the "Boudi Room".  The studio space is lit perfectly for these types of sessions, and the setting is intimate.  One of things every client wants to know upon booking a boudoir session is what should I wear?  Since I can't share a lot of images from my boudoir work out of respect, there are not a lot of examples on my blog/website.  However, I have received permission to share the images in this post to give you some examples of what to wear or bring to your boudoir shoot.  

  First,  spend some extra time on your hair and make-up or better yet, have it done!  It is always worth it in my opinion, and you really do want to feel your best going into a boudoir shoot.  

  Once your hair and make-up is on point, (not cool enough for that lingo, but I'm rolling with it) I always always suggest something black!  Black photographs so well and since a lot of the images will also be presented in black and white, black lingerie creates perfect contrast against skin.  I also suggest bringing a teddy or nighty to start the shoot in.  The first 10-15 minutes are always nerve filled so the more comfortable the better.  It is the perfect "warm up" outfit. 

Another outfit recommendation is a corset for the very simple fact that they are very flattering!  Plus this is probably not an everyday wardrobe staple which makes it that much more sexier.  

I also recommend a bra and panty set.  Think lacy and embellished, bright and simple, nude and skimpy, thong or boy short.  It is up to you, but this falls under the less is more category which men generally appreciate.  You can't go wrong here.

You also should think about bringing something of his.  Perhaps it one of his button up shirts or his tie.  His favorite team's jersey with cute panties is always a winner (pun intended).  Even using his old cowboy hat to cover up with is an option.  There are so many possibilities here, and really anything goes as long as it either belongs to him or represents something he loves.

Boudoir albums make the best wedding day gift for your soon to be Mr.  If that is what this session is all about, then bring on the bridal inspired lingerie.  Your wedding day lingerie as well as your veil, wedding shoes, garter, robe and other accessories are all encouraged.   What a sexy little preview to start your wedding day!

  Finally.....GO ALL OUT!!!  Seriously this is the time to rock the most impractical, sexy, out of character lingerie you want.  Stockings and garter belts, heels, push-up bralettes; this is the time for the things you might not ever actually wear.  So treat yourself to something fabulous, and if none of these things are really you, then there is always the take it all off option.  By the end of your shoot we will just be two gals, giggling and drinking champagne, hanging out while one of us is in their undies, and the other is snapping photos.  Sounds creepy, but I promise you will be completely comfortable and the idea of wrapping up in nothing but a sheet will not seem so crazy.  Bear in mind, that while in school, I studied and shot a lot of nude photography.  I have done dozens of boudoirs shoots, and I am game for whatever you.  This shoot is about you, and making you feel your most beautiful and sexy, plus this is definitely the time so just go for it!

  Remember that these are just suggestions, and you absolutely should wear whatever you want!  I just wanted to put this out there since I know the struggle that come with the what to wear dilemma.