Baby Sloane's Birth Session

by Whitney Bird

  This last October I photographed my first birth session.  To say I was nervous would be an understatement.  Luckily it was for a very good friend of mine, which totally helped with the nerves, and that part of it really wasn't the reason for them.  I just felt a lot of anticipation similar to how I feel when photographing weddings...That whole, you only get one shot at this thing, type of situation definitely adds the pressure.  I have been present at two births-both my sons so I did know what to expect, but being on the other side of it is quite different.  Capturing that type of raw emotion is maybe my most favorite thing about photography.  There is no question that childbirth is a miracle-seriously one of the coolest things to witness, and getting to witness it with camera in hand was a gift.

  Now let me just take a moment to give props to Addie who seriously rocked birth like no other.  Women are awesome!!!  She basically managed to be camera ready right after delivering a baby.  I also got to visit the hospital that next morning to capture baby Sloane meeting her big sister and big brother which was just all sorts of cuteness.  I will not go into the details of Sloane's birth story other than that it went very smoothly as the story is their's to share, but I do believe the pictures tell the story of her beautiful birth without needing a lot of words.  One of my favorite little details is that Sloane would not stop staring at her Mama.  That instant bond was so evident.  Thanks Addie for giving me the opportunity to take these photos, and to share them here.    

  *if you have an interest in birth photography, please contact me with plenty of time before your due date.  (We need to get to know each other)  I will only take one possibly two per month depending on how close the due dates are.