Alex {Williston, MT Maternity Photographer}

by Whitney Bird

Today I am sharing a sneak peek from Alex's maternity shoot.  These were shot outside of Williston, North Dakota.  It always makes me a little nervous when people choose their own locations, but since I am not that familiar with Williston, I had to give up control, and trust Alex.  I can honestly say that I could not have picked a better spot for these.  I love the snowy landscape, and wide open space that Trenton Lake provided.  Plus other than a handful of ice fisherman, we had it all to ourselves which is probably not the case other times of the year.  

Not only was the location perfect, but Alex and her family were wonderful to work with.  Plus can you believe that Alex is 37 weeks pregnant in these!!!  She looks amazing, and has the perfect little bump!  I can't wait to get to hang with this crew again in a few weeks when baby arrives!