Dalton and Kalli-July 16, 2016 {Billings, MT Wedding Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in

  I always love getting to photograph a family member's wedding.  Knowing the Bride and Groom, and their loved ones not only made the day a blast, but there was just something special about sharing in all the little moments of my cousin's big day.  For me, getting to be there when Mark saw his daughter for the first time, and to feel his nerves because he just wanted everything to be perfect for her was a highlight.  Spending time with Kalli surrounded by her sisters, friends, and mom as they had hair and make-up done; watching their excitement as Kalli put her dress on, was also a favorite part of the day.  The first look is also always one of the best parts of any wedding day as well as capturing all the emotions that make up the ceremony.  This wedding had very memorable toasts and dances, as well as an awesome grand entrance!  I loved getting to be part of it, but I loved it even more because I love Kalli and Dalton. 

  Kalli and Dalton know how to throw a party, and they were surrounded by so many people who love them, and wanted to share in their happiness.  Seriously these two have a TON of family and friends!  I can't believe the amount of fun that was had!  You two are some seriously wonderful people!  So loving and kind, and you have so much fun together which makes me so happy for the future you will share.  I could go on and on, but I know you two are very anxious to see some more photos so here is a little peek. Enjoy, and thank you for trusting me with your day!