Shawn & Amanda {Red Lodge, MT Wedding Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in

  I was so excited to shoot Shawn and Amanda's wedding for a number of reasons.  First, I adore the couple.  Amanda is my brother-in-law's sister so I have known her for awhile now, and knew that this wedding would feel like a family wedding.  I also know that Amanda has amazing taste, and that her decor, details, and overall wedding experience would be amazing.  Obviously this is a beautiful couple, but the biggest reason for my excitement was that I KNOW Amanda and Shawn are beautiful people.  I knew there would be handfuls of touching moments, tears of joy, an abundance of laughter, and that God would be present in every moment.  That's what makes a wedding spectacular....seeing all the love that surrounds the couple.  It's when love takes center stage that I most enjoy being there to capture it all.  All that, on top of getting to shoot in lovely Red Lodge with a crew of awesome vendors, and I was a very happy photographer! 

   Enjoy your sneak peek Shawn and Amanda!  Your wedding was truly special, and I wish you a very long and happy marriage!