Ryder Kenneth

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Three months in and I'm finally getting around to sharing some photos of my second son on my recently neglected blog.  I have actually been really good about taking photos and sharing them on Instagram, but not so good about blogging.  I do love having these posts to look back on, and it is my intent to someday print my personal posts as a keepsake, so I know I have to be better about blogging personal photos. 

Ryder is a very sweet baby.  He is such a happy little guy, and will be one tough little boy in thanks to his older brother.  His birth went so smoothly-like Kevin and I couldn't believe how quick it was-smoothly.  Obviously two children is an adjustment, but Ryder sure has done his part to make the transition easy on us.  I just love him to pieces, and Paxson does as well.  He is a little rough with him, but he is also really caring and loving towards him.  The sibling interaction is definitely my favorite part about having two sons.  I am so looking forward to watching them grow up together. 

I have so much more to say about our newest blessing, but he is laying on his "gym" next me, and I just want to be playing with and smooching on him so more words another day. 

This first photo is his birth announcement followed by his very first photos taken by my sister.

Ryder is just 6 days old in the below series.

5 weeks old and starting to smile!

About 8 weeks old.  Kevin took the ones of Ryder and myself and I will treasure them always.  It is so important to be in photos with your babies!

Here is my handsome fella at 3 months old.  Giggling and content as can be.  He loves bath time, and peek-a-boo with daddy.  Get's plenty of kisses from Paxson.  Loves his stroller and being outside where the action is.  He is such a happy go lucky little guy!