Baby Aubrey

by Whitney Bird

I love getting the chance to photograph baby girls!  Aubrey decided that sleeping was out of the question for her photos so we got a lot of photos of little misses bright eyes.  I think people expect newborn sessions to be stressful, but I go into them fully expecting to be on baby's schedule.  Plus it is always fun to have a nice chat with mom too.  Once Aubrey was ready for photos, she sure proved to be a photogenic little thing! 

Thanks Stacey for bringing your awesome kiddos to spend the morning with me.  I know getting them ready and out the door on your own, for the first time, had to be a bit overwhelming, but you made it look so easy!  I am also thankful we got some great shots of you and Aubrey because it was so apparent how loved Aubrey and all your kids are.  Such a joy to photograph you guy!  Enjoy your sneak peek!