J + J {Baker, MT Wedding Photographer}

by Whitney Bird

Jade and Jessica are one of those couples that are so easy to be around.  They are kind, fun, and make you feel like you've known them forever!  They both also have incredible smiles, and they smile biggest for each other.  I enjoyed every second of photographing Jade and Jess!  They are so natural in front of the camera, and their smiles and love for each other is so real, that you can literally feel it just by looking at their photographs!  Not only that, but there was a room full people with such genuine happiness and love for these two, that it was hard not to get a little teary at times observing it all.  It was an amazing wedding to be a part of, and one that reminded me over and over again why I love photographing weddings!  

 It was such a pleasure to be part of your day Jade and Jess, and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!