Rosa - Beauty and Bravery

by Whitney Bird in

 I have to admit that before Rosa's shoot, I was quite nervous.  I am always a little nervous/anxious for a shoot, and I honestly hope that never goes away, but I was even more nervous to shoot Rosa.  We had spoke on the phone, and through email, and she had shared some ideas she had for her shoot, while I brainstormed ideas of my own.  Rosa wanted the session to take place before her hair came back.  Because I had never taken photos of anyone fighting cancer, I was nervous and honored to have been asked, and very excited to do something different.  

If Rosa was nervous, she showed no signs.  She was so comfortable and easy to chat with.  In between poses we talked about her cancer, her treatment, her children and grandchildren, and recent travels.  She was so open and honest with me.  She was so upbeat, and optimistic.  Her strength, and courage left me in wonder.  Rosa left me feeling so fortunate to have gotten to spend some time with her, and full of so much gratitude that she allowed me to do this for her.  She is an incredible person battling such an awful disease but she does it with such grace, beauty, and bravery that I was left in awe.  

Rosa's story is not mine to tell.  However, she shares her journey beautifully in a video that you can watch 



Thank you Rosa for the amazing opportunity!  Enjoy the sneak peek!