Addie's Baby Bump {Miles City, MT Maternity Photographer}

by Whitney Bird

I love shooting maternity photos, and I am always so excited when a friend asks me to document this special time for them.  Addie and I are on the same page about the importance of maternity shoots.  I know a lot of people don't see the value in these types of shoots, but as a huge advocate for documenting all life's big and small moments, this is one of those times in life that definitely deserves a photo shoot!

Obviously parents usually want capture as many photos of their children as they can.  We take photos of them sleeping, eating, smiling, crying.  Every new milestone gets a photo, and we proudly show these photos off whenever possible.  If you follow my IG account you know how guilty I am of this.  So why wouldn't you want photos of your baby when he/she is still growing inside of you.  I think pregnancy and birth is an absolutely AMAZING time.  No, it is not especially fun, but for me, it was the most magical thing to ever experience.  It is seriously incredible, and completely worth having photos of!  I know there will be a time when I get asked by Paxson about pregnancy, and I look forward to being able to pull my maternity photos out and show him where I always felt his little feet kicking me.   I want him to see how he looked in my belly, and be able to share stories of my pregnancy while he flips through photos.  

Anyways, I adore these photos of Addie, and I hope that she and her family will as well!