Nate, Jessica and baby Helmer {Montana Family Photographer}

by Whitney Bird

Nate, Jessica, and baby Helmer are some of my favorite clients!  I shot Nate and Jessica's wedding, then Helmer's newborn photos, and now some fun family photos of the three of them along with some of just baby Helmer at about 4 months old.  Nate and Jess are two of the kindest people I have ever met.  They are wonderful to work with, and they are just awesome to be around.  They really enjoy their sessions, and they go with the flow.  They are rubbing off on Helmer because he was happy the whole shoot!  He didn't make a single unhappy peep!  He looked at the camera, smiled, gazed lovingly at his parents, basically was a dream baby to shoot!  I enjoyed everything about this shoot, and we ended up with some really beautiful images that capture the love Nate and Jess have for their son.  Thank you for being so great, and enjoy and your sneak peek!