Pretty Little Harper

by Whitney Bird in

I had been wanting to make a teepee to use for a little girl's shoot for awhile.  However, I didn't actually know if I could pull it off.  Then I mentioned that it might be a fun prop to Addie, Harper's mom, and she loved the idea.  She ordered an outfit for it, so there was no turning back.  It wasn't actually hard to make, and I came together just the way I wanted.  However, the first time we actually attempted this shoot, Harper wanted nothing to do with the teepee or taking photos at all.   We decided to give it another try on a morning, after a full nights sleep, with grandma in tow, and it all worked out perfectly.

It is so fun for me to see a vision come to life, and I love being able to do something different.  Obviously, not everyone wants a concept shoot or the use of a lot of props, and that is fine too.  I love simple, well lit portraits just as much.  We ended up with both in this shoot.  I am more than happy to be patient with my little subjects, and take the extra time to get it right, to get them in front of my camera when they are in a good mood.  I was the kid who was scared of people I didn't know, and that included photographers so I have a soft spot for little ones who are little shy at first.  However, the photographer at JC Penny's was never that patient and my mom always ended up with photos of me with a red blotchy face, and tears in my eyes.   I love what I do, and I want to give my clients a unique portrait experience even if that means we have to reschedule to get it right. 

If you are interested in a concept shoot, get in touch with me and let's chat about it!  I love to dream these types of shoots up, and I also love to craft!   

 Such a beautiful little girl!

 And...because being 2 is tough.