My baby is growing up...

by Whitney Bird in , ,

I am finally getting around to sharing Paxson's 9 month photos.  I have so many photos of Pax, but I hadn't taken any formal portraits of him in awhile so it was time.  This was a quick morning shoot, and only lasted about 15 minutes, but I am happy to have a few photos to hang on the wall.  

I can't believe how fast my little man is growing up.  It kills me how much he is starting to look less like a baby and more like a little boy.  I love seeing his little personality shine though in photos.  He is a thoughtful little guy, and will sit and play with his toys while I work or do housework.  He is content to play on his own, but loves when mom, dad or Penny join him.  He is very generous with his smiles and love, and he gives the sloppiest kisses.  He also loves to cuddle with me before naps and bed.  He lights up when daddy comes home, and his daddy always brings out the best belly laughs.  He finally has two teeth that just came in at 10 and half months, and I think his baby blues are here to stay.  His blonde hair is coming in thicker, and people are finally starting to think that he does in fact look a bit like me.  There is nothing funnier than when Penny sneezes, and her ball his one of his favorite toys.  He doesn't crawl, but he rolls, and scoots, and army crawls and does what Grandma K calls the "guppy."  

It is hard for me to believe that I hadn't even met him a year ago, and now he is my life.  Sometimes I need to just write these little things down so I don't forget them.  He changes so much in such a short time, and my hope is to have loads of photos of him that tell his life story, but I also want to have written words to share with him.  Luckily this blog helps me with that.  When I go to make his 1 year album, I can include these little posts about him because I don't want to forget that he pulls my hair and face to get me close to his to give me kisses, and that he fake laughs when I laugh just to be in on the joke or that he shakes his head no no no and then smiles at himself and does it again.  It is all so worth remembering.  

 The photo below is his model pose.  Probably only a photo a mother could love.

 Those eyes melt me....

 So thoughtful above and so excited to show mommy and daddy below.