Ben and Shaye {Bozeman, MT Wedding Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in

Thinking about all that this wedding was just makes me smile.  It was so perfect.  All the details were amazing, the location featured incredible views, the friends and family had so much love in their hearts for the happy couple, and the happy couple in love and they really took time to enjoy all the little moments.  

I have known Shaye for quite some time.  We worked together what seems like another life ago, and she never fails to make me laugh.  Not then, not now.  She is such a fun person, but she also cares deeply for her family, friends, and most importantly Ben.  She told me when I first arrived that she had to try very hard not to cry because she was not a pretty crier.  Well there were numerous times throughout the day when Shaye was overwhelmed with emotion, and I never thought about how she looked with tears filling her eyes.  I could only think about how obvious it was that Shaye is such a kind hearted person, and that there were tons of reasons to be emotional because she is so loved, and so in love with Ben.  She is so deserving of the happiness Ben brings her, and Ben is a wonderful man so worthy of Shaye's fierce love.   Ben and Shaye light each other up, and it was such a pleasure to be there to capture their love and their day.

The wedding took place at Black Bull in Bozeman, Montana.  Somehow these two were able to hold a wedding at a place that doesn't really do weddings.  Not sure how they did, but sure am glad they did!  

 A very romantic "first look"