Payton Bird-My Little Niece. {Miles City, Montana Newborn Photographer}

by Whitney Bird

I love being able to say that I have a niece!  Not just any niece, a ridiculously adorable niece, that is sweet as can be.  Jeff and Kelsey welcomed little Payton into the world on March 12th.  They didn't know if they were having a boy or a girl, and it was such a fun surprise to find out it was a girl!  Kevin, Pax, and I arrived minutes after her birth, and took turns holding her while the other hung in the waiting room with Paxson.  (He wasn't allowed to meet his cousin that day because of hospital policy)  The next day however, the nurse let Paxson in Kelsey's room and he did get to meet his cousin.  He checked her out a little, but he is obviously too young to know what a big deal having a cousin is.  Kevin, Jeff, Kelsey, and I all know how cool it will be for our kids to grow up together!  My cousins have always been such a big part of my life, and we are such good friends.  I am so excited for my son to have that kind of relationship.  I'm sure there will be some teasing, a few fights, and probably even some tears, but my hope is that Paxson and Payton are not just family, but buddies as well.  

Little Miss Payton is such a cute baby.  She is also a very mellow baby, and she has the sweetest little cry.  It's not really a cry but more like little squeaks.  She has the trademark "Bird" mouth, but looks a lot like her mommy.  It is so fun photographing a baby girl after shooting my boy so often over the past few months.  As long as we kept her warm she was happy.  A very content little one.

Congrats Jeff and Kelsey on your beautiful baby girl!  I'm so excited for the years to come, and watching our babies grow up together!

I LOVE the next two photos!  Daddy's little girl :)