My baby boy is 6 months old!

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Everyone always says, "Enjoy them while they are little because they don't stay little for long."  How true that is.  There were so many nap times in those early days where I thought to myself, you really should lay him down and go take a nap yourself.  Most of the time, I just kept on cuddling my little newborn, trying to memorize all of him.  His smell, his cute little "Bird" mouth, the sleepy smiles and sounds.  Even though I tried my hardest to enjoy those moments, and be in that moment with Paxson, it still feels so long ago, and like such a haze.  Some of it is probably because I was exhausted.  But, it really does go by so fast, and before you know it, you have a slobbery, loud mouthed, rolly, giggly, baby who resembles that newborn, but is becoming such a little person.  It is amazing the growth both physically, and developmentally that takes place those first 6 months.  Looking back at photos, I am still astounded at how much Paxson has grown and changed.

It is such a bittersweet feeling watching your baby grow.  I feel so grateful for each milestone reached, and yet at the same time, there is a small ache at the realization that Paxson won't stay little for long.  I think part of it is because I have enjoyed and loved Paxson so much at every age, and it is hard to let go of that age.  Sometimes it is definitely trading up, and that has mainly been the case, but I also know he will reach ages that are difficult for me as a parent.  He won't always want me to hold him, he soon won't fall asleep on my shoulder, or giggle during peek-a-boo.  It makes me sad to think about, but I try to think about how fun that next age will be, and how awesome it is to watch him learn new things, and become his own person.  So during the sleepless nights, (because Paxson has been an awful sleeper lately) I try to cuddle my baby at 2am,  and remind myself that this too shall pass.  It won't be long before I'm longing for those late night nursing sessions, and for the baby that wakes up needing his mama.  

Now for 6 months worth of photos crammed into one post...

This is one of the first Photos taken of my son.  I had my camera ready in the delivery room for my sister to snap a few photos of our first moments together.  I am so thankful for these photos even though most of them won't be shared on here (or anywhere) as my nurse was getting ready for the "baby crawl" so my boob makes an appearance in most of them.  

This is one of the first photos I took of Paxson.  It was after he was bathed, and we were still in the delivery room.  The nurse must have thought I was crazy as it was 2 am, only a few hours after Pax was born, and here I was snapping photos.  

The day after he was born.  His skin looks yellow in this photo because it was yellow.  He was a little jaundiced because he was early.

Snuggled with daddy the morning of the day we went home.  So much hair!

One of my favorites.  He was just a few days old, and the weather was nice enough to be outside so we did a few family photos.

5 days old

8 days old-Paxson's birth announcement.

2 weeks old

 Another at two weeks.  One of my faves!

About a month old during our Christmas card photos

Christmas card photo

 The next three are from his 3 month old shoot

With his auntie at 3 and a half months.

 At almost 4 months old for his Valentine's Day cards.

With mom on Valentine's Day

 At 5 and a half months old.  

 I have taken so many photos of my little man, but these are just some of my favorites. Maybe sometime I will share some of my phone photos as I have a ton of those as well.  I will hopefully be taking his 6 month photos this weekend weather permitting as I am dying to shoot him outside.  Fingers crossed it gets done!