Baby Paxson's Nursery!

by Whitney Bird in , , ,

So I finally feel like Paxson's nursery is as complete as it will ever be.  I actually had it almost finished when he surprised us with his arrival, but I wanted to add a couple canvases of him before I shared photos.  Well the canvases arrived before Christmas, but I just got them up yesterday.  I LOVE how it all turned out.  I know that it will probably change and become cluttered with toys over the next few months, and that is just fine with me because it is Paxson's room, but at least I got some photos of it the way I envisioned it.  It is already changing as Paxson is now sleeping in it, and we are actually using this room, and I love cuddling him to sleep in the glider, and finding him awake in his crib happy and ready for the day or sometimes screaming out of hunger.  We are making memories in this space.  This room is starting to become much more than just a nicely decorated room-it is becoming Paxson's and that is what I wanted to create most, a space for my son.  

 The first thing I bought for the nursery was the bird mobile.  I knew I wanted to use grey and aqua, and then I decided to add some brightly colored accents.  My awesome sister helped me paint the grey wall!  

 I designed and created all the signs.  The Montana sign is painted on canvas and the other signs were created in Photoshop.  

 The B is for Bird sign was the first sign I made and I used all the main nursery colors in it.  I had to have a canvas of Penny up, and the canvas on the top right has the lyrics from "Simple Man" on it.  It is one of Kevin's favorite songs, and the lyrics are actually quite fitting for a little boys room.  My sister Carley took the maternity photo of Kevin and I.  It is also a canvas.

Both of Paxon's grandpas have mustaches which is where the idea for the below sign came from.

I am so proud of how this all came together.  It was such a labor of love for my little guy!  I was such a crazy nester while I was pregnant, and I am so thankful for that because it would not have gotten done after Pax arrived!