3 months old

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Paxson is 3 months old!!!  Actually he was 3 months and a week when I took these yesterday, but I'm calling these his 3 month photos.  They were all shot in his nursery.  We moved him out of his bassinet in our room and into his crib a week ago, and although it was a little tough, harder on me than on him probably, I actually am getting much more sleep!  The whole sleep training thing was very necessary as Pax was starting to hate his co-sleeper, and only want to sleep while being held.  In my quest to get just a little bit more sleep, and nurse him in my bed, we were creating a little monster.  I know a lot of parents that co-sleep, some love it, some wish they never started.  I knew I would never love it, and that I would never get any sleep.  I am a light sleeper as is, and it was time to get my bedroom back.  However now that Paxson is out of our room, Penny has reclaimed her place in our bed.  Most nights she ends up right between Kevin and I's heads.  Early this morning after feeding Pax, I came back to bed and she was sleeping in my spot with her pillow on my head.  (just re-read that and couldn't bring myself to fix it-still a little sleep deprived)  She is actually getting over some of her jealousy issues with Paxson, and she is starting to want to play with him and be around him.  She hates when he cries, and she has started howling when he really gets going.  I don't know if this his her way to alert me even though I am well aware of the screaming baby, or if she is just howling to commiserate with him.  Regardless it gets a little loud in the ole Bird house at times.

Anyways, Paxson is really enjoying his nursery which makes me one very happy Mama.  I read during my pregnancy that babies like bright colors, and that it is good for their developing brains which is why his nursery isn't just aqua and grey. (my original plan)  He seems to like the colors, and I can even lay him in his crib and he will happily chat with himself while I do laundry.  

Since I haven't posted much about Pax lately this is my chance to check in...Paxson does not sleep through the night, but we are getting closer.  He isn't waking every two hours anymore, and I am actually getting him on a nap and bedtime schedule!  The boy LOVES to eat!  I love nursing, and I am thankful that I am able to nurse, but it is way more work than I thought it would be.  It is a huge commitment, and I feel like no one ever tells you that before you have the baby.  Or maybe they do, and I just didn't get it.  You do save money doing it, but the time you put into it outweighs the savings.  All that being said though, it is still the only way I would have it.  I really do love that time I get with him, and it has gotten easier.  One thing I worried about was how having a baby would affect our marriage.  Well obviously it completely, 100% changes your marriage, but for us it has been for the better.  There is nothing better than watching your spouse transform into a parent.  My heart swells every time I see Paxson and his Daddy playing or cuddling together.  Paxson looks so much like his dad and I can see Kevin's personality in him as well.  We don't get much alone time together, but we do spend much more time together, it is just as a family now.  We both get excited when Paxson does something new, or makes a new face or sound, and sharing in Paxson has brought us much closer together. 

Our house always feels like it needs cleaning, and there is always a pile of laundry to do, and toys are starting to take over the living room, but being a parent is so truly wonderful.  I am enjoying being a mommy, and other parts of life are just having to take a back seat right now.  I do plan on being a better blogger now that I seem to have him on a schedule.  Most of my posts will continue to be Paxson oriented with the occasional sneak peek so hopefully you like photos of a cute baby :)

Oh how I love those chubby thighs

 Smiling at his daddy

He is really into his hands and trying to put his whole fist in his mouth

 These two close-ups are probably photos only a mommy could love.  Tummy time is a lot of work