by Whitney Bird in ,

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and although I have a ton to be thankful for big and small, I am most thankful for my healthy baby boy.  I feel so blessed that God chose Kevin and I to be his parents.  So much has changed since last Thanksgiving, and it has been the most joyous, emotional, exhausting, and exciting time of my life.  Pregnancy, childbirth, and now motherhood have been such gifts, and I am so grateful for this life and all its blessings.  Being Paxson's mom is my greatest accomplishment, and I know that if I never do anything else extraordinary in this life, having him is more than enough. are a few photos of my handsome boy.  

This first photo is my favorite photo of Paxson to date....I love him so much.

 My sister took the photos that I am in....Thank you Carley.