End of Summer Family Photos {Miles City, MT Family Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in , , ,

I have been lucky enough to photograph little Harper and her family a few times over the past year, and this time she brought along her grandparents and auntie as well.  Harper is at such a fun age, and it is always fun to see how much little ones have changed from shoot to shoot.  She wasn't into having her photo taken by herself, but she is definitely getting the group photo thing figured out.  

Thanks for such a fun evening and for bringing the whole family along!  Enjoy your sneak peek!

 They will have some great Christmas card photos!  

This photo of Harper is probably my favorite photo that I've taken of her to date.  Such a big girl smile!

 Too bad she didn't like that headband enough to leave it on longer than 5 seconds.  Wasn't going to get a smile out of her, but she still looks dang cute in it.