For My Sister {Montana, Engagement Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in

When my sister, Carley, and I first brainstormed ideas for James's and her engagement shoot, she had a lot of them.   She really wanted to use my grandmother's old double bike, and she also really wanted to do some photos in a boat.  She also had a very specific location in mind, and luckily the owners were amazingly accommodating.  That is one thing I admire about my sister, if she wants something done, she will get it done.  (or find someone to do it for her)  James knew about the boat, but was unaware that we were going to have him ride a very unsafe, old, yellow, double bike down a dirt road.   He had a great attitude about the whole shoot however, and he obviously knows my sister very well.  He told me he would do whatever she wanted so that the photos turned out the way she wanted so that he wouldn't have to do another shoot.  Well luckily for James everything did work out the way Carley and I planned.  I would actually venture to say it worked out better.  

Now...the sappy part.  I have watched Carley and James grow as a couple over the past few years, and could not be happier for my little sister.  James is crazy about her, and treats her with kindness and respect.  He pushes her to go after her goals, and picks her up when the stress of it all weighs down on her.  It is no secret to James and I that Carley is a special girl.  Her laugh and sense of humor is one of my favorite qualities, and she has such an incredibly good heart.  She loves passionately, and having her as a sister is one of the best parts of my life.  I am grateful that she found James, and know in my heart that he is the only person I would want to share her with.  James is already a member of our family, and I can't wait to watch Carley and him be an aunt and uncle to Kevin and I's little guy. that I have made myself cry-here is the sneak peek you have been driving me crazy for Carley.

A lot of these photos were taken out at The Inn at Willow Creek.  It is beautiful out there, and luckily the yellow wildflowers bloomed early this year.

 I can't pick a favorite, but I do love the below gazebo photo!

 This shoot would not have went nearly as well if we didn't have our handy boat man....Seriously though, my parents were such a help.  My mom found the boat, and made sure we could borrow it.  They met us out at the river with it, a cooler, and waders.  They also put new tires on the old yellow bike for us.  We were at my dad's old stomping grounds of Willow Creek so he was a happy camper.