Baby Bird and Belly Update

by Whitney Bird in ,

I haven't been all that great about documenting my growing belly through photographs.  Honestly some days I really like my baby bump....other days I think I am huge, and that nothing looks cute on it.  So there are some days when I really want to take photos, and other days where you will not get a camera near me.  I do however want some tasteful belly/maternity photos to document this time in my life since it is going by so fast, so a couple weeks ago I asked my cousin, who occasionally works with me on weddings, to shoot a few quick photos of me.  It was actually the perfect day for it because I had just hit the 28 week mark was officially in the third trimester.  Plus, we had a nice evening with pretty light to work with, and my family's ranch as the back drop.  

I did think about doing weekly belly photos, but summer is an extremely busy time for me, and I didn't want to just snap a quick pic in front of a white wall each week.  I also didn't really feel the need to have any taken before I really started showing.  However, now that I am, I will be better about documenting my growing, and changing bump-or maybe not depending on my mood.  I will actually be taking my sister's engagement photos this weekend, and she has agreed to snap a few photos of me in return so there should be more to come soon.  Plus, I want to include Kevin in some of these photos as well, but I figured I would only get one maternity shoot out of him, so it needs to be the main one I end up doing.

I haven't given a pregnancy update on the ole blog in some time, and I have to say, that the second trimester was a breeze.  I don't want to jinx myself, but I had a ton of energy, I felt great, and being able to finally feel the baby move was awesome!  Now, however, my energy level has dipped a bit, and it seems like it takes me a lot longer to recover from a busy weekend or from shooting a wedding.  The urge to nap is back, and although I am still nesting, I am glad I got a lot of the big nursery stuff done early.  I am starting to feel a little uncomfortable, and baby likes to keep a foot in my right rib cage which is not the best feeling.  I am not sleeping well, and have a hard time getting comfortable.  I am a back sleeper so trying to sleep on my side has been tough, plus it makes my lower back hurt, but just about everything makes my lower back hurt.  Kevin is a great sport about giving me massages, and I am I thankful for that.  I fully expect all of this to get worse, and I am trying to prepare and brace myself that the worst is yet to come.  I have three more weddings to shoot, and then my schedule slows down, and I can spend the last month and half getting caught up on editing,  housework, and can just lay low before baby gets here.  (Clients-I am not booking any shoots in October as of now.  I might take on a couple local ones depending on how I feel, but I really want all my editing done before he gets here so please book your shoots now so that I can get you in)

We had our birthing class this past Saturday, and that really made it feel all very real.  I have to start actually thinking about labor and delivery and have a tentative plan.  After the class I do feel a lot better about writing a birth plan, and I feel like all the decisions in regard to that have been talked about and made.  I did feel a little bad for Kevin, as he was sitting next to the class nerd.  It has been a long time since I have taken any sort of class, and now that that too cool for school phase has passed, I was able to embrace my inner note taking, question asking, nerd.  I felt like my sister...(kidding car-but it's actually true)

Hopefully I will have some more photos to share very soon, and before I know it, I will be sharing photos of our little man.  I am SO SO excited!

 Thanks Shayla K. for the photos!