Love is Kind {Montana, Wedding Photographer}

by Whitney Bird

Crystal and Troy could not have had a more beautiful wedding day.  I knew the location for the outdoor ceremony would be perfect based on the care these two took in choosing locations for their engagement photos.  I was not disappointed.  I love outdoor ceremonies, and this was one of my favorites.  The light was beautiful, and guests sat on benches as well as on the hillside to watch these two be married.

It is actually very fortunate that these two were married when they were, because about a week after the wedding, the Ash Creek wildfire plagued not only the area in which the wedding took place, but also near their home, and the homes of family and other loved ones.  Their first couple weeks of marriage were probably physically and mentally exhausting, as well as heartbreaking to watch the fire's destruction, but I am happy to know that they have each other to lean on.  They are a wonderfully caring couple, and are filled with such kindness and grace.   I have no doubts that they will face their troubles together, and come out the better for it as a couple.  

I have been thinking about you and your family a lot over the past week.  I hope these put a smile on your face.  

 I love the above and below photos-captured just moments apart of them each looking at the other.  

 Bill, Crystal and Troy's dog, was also in attendance during the wedding.  During the ceremony he laid near the best man.  In the above photo were trying to get him to pose.  It worked out better to just let him do his own thing as he did in the below photo.