Visiting her Cousins-Miss Capri

by Whitney Bird in

I love watching my client's families grow, and I love being able to photograph their kiddos at different stages of their lives.  I love having returning clients more than anything, and it is such a compliment when these clients not only come back themselves for more photos, but when they refer their friends and family to me.  Such was the case with Miss Capri.  I have photographed her cousins multiple times, and when she was in town visiting these cousins, her parents set up a shoot for her.  

Capri is quite the busy two year old, and although she had no desire to sit still and smile for me as most two year olds don't, she had no problem doing some quick posing before finding something more interesting to do.  I love photographing kids at this age, and although it is a challenge to catch them looking at the camera smiling, I love the little moments that I do end up catching that tell the story of who they are at that moment.  Those are usually the images that end up speaking to me more than the posed ones anyways.  Those captured moments are what make me LOVE photography, and keep me excited for each and every shoot.  I can't predict the outcome of a shoot, and a children's shoot is even more unpredictable, but chasing a little one around, and waiting for that real smile, or heart melting look  is sooo worth it! 

Once Jesse came out, Capri would not give her up.  The above and below photos are actually my favorites probably because her favorite doll is in them.   The care she takes in the above photo to sit Jesse next to her is so cute, and that look in the bottom photo is ADORABLE.

Cousin Presley came outside for the end of the shoot.  She can't really go anywhere yet so she had no choice, but to sit still and smile for the camera.