Mr. and Mrs. MD

by Whitney Bird in

I am so excited to share this engagement session!  Maddy and I have been friends since our freshman year at Montana State University.  It doesn't seem like it was all that long ago, but it was 2003 so yeah....that's a long time ago.  I have such a soft spot for that dorm, because not only did I meet some of my best friends there, I also met my hubby.  We all had so many great times together, and who would have thought that all those drunken nights could have developed into such lasting and cherished relationships. 

During our four years of college together (well four years for me, Maddy was only getting started), a few of those spent living together,  I remember thinking that Maddy didn't have a "type."  Her college boyfriends were all so completely different, and it always seemed so odd to me that she never went for the same kind of guy.  I always wondered about the guy she would end up with, and after meeting Calvin, I realized, Maddy did have a type.  She just hadn't met her type until she met Calvin.  

Both Calvin and Maddy will be graduating from Medical School in a few weeks, and although they have that, along with many other things in common, they are also very opposite in some ways.  Maddy is a planner, she likes to be in control, and she hates being unprepared.  Calvin is much more laid back. I actually caught Maddy the other day claim that "we are pretty laid back."  She was talking about the engagement photos, and where we should go, and what she should wear.  I think my face instantly looked confused, I then told her that that was not how I would describe her, and Calvin agreed.  However, after spending a few hours with just the two of them, Maddy did seem much more laid back than I remembered.  She completely went with the flow, and although I know she trusts me, I also know that Calvin is the reason that Maddy has learned to give up control once in awhile.  She once told me that during times when she was having a school/studying induced freakout, Calvin was always able to bring her out of it.  As a witness to these mini freak outs on more than one occasion, I must say well done Calvin.  Just kidding Maddy :)  But in all seriousness they really do complement each other in the ways that they are different, and the things that they have in common seem more special because they both share them in such a passionate way.  They both really care about helping others, and they even traveled to Africa last year to put their medical skills to use.  Since the day I met Maddy she has been passionate about helping people in need, that's what becoming a Doctor has always meant to her, and now she has Calvin who really is just her "type."  I can't believe I have to wait over a year to see you walk down the aisle Maddy, but I am so happy that you will be marrying your best friend and other half on that day.  You deserve the best, and I honestly believe you have found him.  Congrats friends!

The only time Calvin complained during this shoot is when Maddy didn't finish her wine and dumped it out....I had to agree with him on that one

You two are so cute, and I have no idea why you worried about what to wear Maddy-you are definitely stylish and you look gorgeous in everything.
Is it weird that I want this photo below hanging in my house?  Ok...maybe I'll just put it in my office.