Baby Blues and Tutus {Miles City, MT Family Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in ,

The first attempt at little Presley's shoot did not go as planned.  She was not in the photo taking mood at all.  That's probably because the poor thing was getting sick.  The rest of her family ended up getting sick as well so by the time we rescheduled, Presley wasn't itty bitty anymore. 

 I could not believe that she was holding herself up so well at 3 months old.  She was seriously just hanging out holding herself up on the saddle.  The idea was to have her sleeping and laying on the saddle, but Presley had different plans.  For one, she wasn't going to fit laying down, and she had no intention of falling asleep.  She was pretty much wide eyed for the entire shoot, and was such good baby.  She had just started to giggle and her mama had her giggling a lot.

Enjoy your sneak peek.  Little Presley is such a doll and my hubby would like to thank you for the serious case of baby fever she has given me :)    

 I quickly snapped a few family shots outside this past weekend.  It was really chilly, but I really wanted Presley and her family to have a group photo with her at this age.