Fall is for Families {Montana, Family Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in , ,

Fall is definitely the time for family photos.  The only problem with that is the weather in Montana can be a bit unpredictable.  These were shot on a chilly morning, and it there was a slight drizzle, but the clouds made for soft even lighting, which I haven't seen much of lately. 

This really wasn't the typical family shoot.  Instead it was just the grandkids with the exception of the photos of Terry and his son Body.  

One of my mother's favorite photo's is of my sister and I with our cousins.  It was taken in a studio, and we are all matching.  (way too matching-like red outfits with ducks on them I believe)  According to my mother, and the photo, things did not go as planned.  My sister who was not a crier, cried which made my cousin Mikaela join her in the crying.  Shann was hyper because well Shann was always hyper. :)  Casey and I were old enough to keep it together, and Shelby, the baby was young enough to not know what was going on.  Anyways, the photo turned out fairly well considering, but both Mikaeal and Carley have red faces and teary eyes; not what my mom had envisioned.  However, that photo serves as a constant reminder of that day, and it is a memory my mom holds dear even though it wasn't perfect.  The fact that the photo came out of a little chaos probably makes it more memorable.    

That's just the way it goes with kids and photos.  None of these kiddos did any crying, but they still did things to make the day memorable for their parents and grandma.  These photos will serve as a reminder of the day they were taken and their little personalties at this age. That's why I love what I do, and feel so blessed to have such awesome clients.  Plus chasing these little rockstars around was a lot of fun.    

 This truck one is my favorite...and of course was the easiest to take since it appealed to the boys.  I also love the walking one above.