Meant to Be {Miles City, MT Engagement Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in

For the last few days my husband keeps asking me, "when will you be caught up on editing?"  To which I have been replying, "Kev I still have five weddings to shoot.  I won't be completely caught up until this winter."  It seems a bit overwhelming to think about, but I really don't feel that behind.  Sure, things aren't getting blogged within a couple days, but everything is getting done within a timely matter.  I just had a lot of shoots this month, and weddings take up a lot of post production time, but it is all good, and I mean that!  Besides, if I am "caught up" that means I don't have anything new to blog, and I still have so much great stuff to blog!  I love the busy summer season, and I am ready for a busy fall season, and I am excited the blog will continue to be busy until the new year.

Ok...So meet this adorable couple Troy and Crystal.  They met at a street dance not far from where this first photo was taken.  The next day, Crystal let Troy talk her into going to a branding with him.  They soon fell in love, and not long ago, Troy proposed to Crystal in the same spot as he met her.  Their meeting was completely chance as Crystal is from North Carolina, and was working in Miles City for the summer.  These two were meant to be.

We shot a few photos near their meeting/proposal spot, but most of these were taken on Troy and his family's ranch.  There were tons of beautiful locations for photos.  Crystal packed Troy a cooler because she is just that thoughtful, and we had a blast driving in the country shooting until dark.  They even fed me chili afterwards!  Troy and Crystal are such a kind couple, and it was so great getting to know them.  I am really looking forward to celebrating their wedding with them in June.

 The hay bale photo is my favorite!