Fishing in the Dark {Three Forks, MT Wedding Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in

There was so much about this wedding that I absolutely loved!  First, the bride was gorgeous, and her dress was stunning.  I am crazy about that dress.  The groom was so genuinely kind, and fun to be around.  Their families were so welcoming, and accommodating, and their friends were a blast.  Plus, the venue was beautiful, and is located in one of my favorite small towns.  

They were married at the The Inn at Willow Creek.  Although I have been out to this venue before, this was the first wedding I shot out there, and it was beautiful.  It is such a romantic and intimate place for a wedding, and the views are wonderful.

It was a perfect venue for Aaron and Kelsie since they love the outdoors.  They really are such a perfect match.  Aaron has so much love and respect for his new wife, and Kelsie is crazy about Aaron.  They are such a great couple, and I really enjoyed getting to know them at their wedding and day after shoot.  YES...we did a day after shoot so I will be blogging more photos of these two tomorrow!

Kelsie taught Aaron how to fly fish, and it was a theme throughout the day.

 I loved that they danced their first dance to "Fishing in the Dark."  It was so fitting and fun.