Brown Eyes and Butterflies {Montana, Senior Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in

Meet my gorgeous cousin Shayla.  No she isn't a model, but could be.  She prefers to spend her time in the gym...not in dresses in fields reading history books.  However, she agreed to get her girly on just for me.  I had a few ideas that I wanted to try out, and since I was going to do Shay's seniors photos anyway, she seemed like the perfect girl to try them out on. 

I LOVE the butterfly photos and even though she may have been a touch skeptical at first, Shayla loves them too!    I have also been dying to use my drop it modern backdrop outside in tall grass, and I really love the way they turned out.  It has a studio feel, but I was still able to use the warm sunlight I love so much.

 Shayla is so naturally pretty, and really has that boho look about her. 

 The above and below are a couple of my favorites.  

HELLO awesome serious face! 

 Shayla will be the star of another shoot soon.  This was just a warm up :)  Thanks Shayla for being such a rockstar in front of the camera.  Girly looks good on you...but so do knee pads.