Back to School Session with Shainy {Montana, Children's Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in

I posted a little sneak peek from this shoot last week, and here are some more images.  I have taken 
A LOT of photos of Shainy.  I started shooting her when she was a baby, and I was in high school.  She is quite comfortable in front of the camera.  Her older sister, Shayla, has had a couple senior sessions with me over the past month, and Shainy wanted in on the action.  Well, I think Shainy was mainly wanting photos like the last five, but I have been wanting to use that desk of Shainy's moms in a shoot for a while, and since Shainy was geared up to start 6th grade the following day, it seemed like the perfect excuse to haul it out to the ranch.  (Wow that is one long sentence, obviously I have been out of school for too long.  I am leaving it though because that is kind of how my mind works after two big cups of coffee)  

I picked the school girlish outfit, Shainy picked the skinny jeans, with a floral tank, and purple cardigan. Shainy's outfit wins.  It has a modern but vintage feel, and it is adorable.  (Modern and vintage-pretty much complete opposites....ok I am done) Modern with vintage twist is a better description. 

My nerdy sister was impressed that I still knew what the Pythagorean theorem was.  Not something I have used since probably freshman year of college in the only math class I took in college.  One of the many perks of studying little liberal arts math class is all that was required.

 So normally I try to shoot in the evenings for the best light,  but these were shot at 8:30 am and the light was beautiful.