Random tid-bits

by Whitney Bird in

Here's a couple random tid-bits about me

I watch trashy tv as I edit.  I am queen of multitasking so as I sit here editing away, I have some random tv show playing in the corner of my imac.  These shows include the Bachelorette, True Blood, (which is not trashy but just plain awesome!  I watched the first 3 seasons while editing but NOW...I finally have HBO so I enjoy this very critically acclaimed show from my couch) and the one I hate to admit to-the new Paris Hilton Show.  Hulu is awesome, and it makes the mundane task of editing pretty darn fun.

I am not really much of a cook, but I do cook Mexican dishes pretty well.  Both my husband and I love mexican food, and we frequent Mexico Lindo.  I really enjoy trying to make similar dishes at home, and Kevin loves them.  One of the best compliments he has given me is that he thinks my mexican food is awesome.  

Legitimately beating my hubby in golf is on my bucket list.  What can I say...I'm competitive.  

I love buying thank you cards, and stationary in general, but I definitely do not put all that stuff to good use.

Even though I spend a lot of time in my car driving from Miles City to Three Forks and back, I rarely wash it or clean the inside.  I would never let my house get that dirty, but a dirty car just doesn't bug me.  

And because no post would be complete without a photo...here is a sneak peek from the wedding I shot Saturday.  More to come this week!