Here Comes the Sun {Miles City, MT Engagement Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in

It has been a crazy couple of weeks.  I have a ton of weddings in August and September, and a lot of those couples waited until the weather got nice to do their engagement photos.  I LOVE spring engagement shoots so this was great for me.  As of last night, I am completely caught up on engagement shoots.  I still have a lot of post production to do, but it is getting done at a pretty good speed.  I am determined to not allow myself to get behind on editing this summer, and so far so good.  

Anyways, meet Brooks and Brooke.  How awesome are their names?  Even more awesome were the locations they took me to.  Brooke wanted to use her family's ranch as the primary location for the shoot, and from the moment she suggested it, I was thrilled.  I love shooting at ranches.  I also love shooting at places I've never been to before.  It forces me to be creative on the spot, and for some reason, I like that kind of pressure.  

These two would have rocked any location though.  They are such a beautiful couple, and they are both so kind.  I instantly felt comfortable with them, and I am so blessed that this job introduces me to so many great people.  I've said it before, but I love that I get to photograph LOVE, and these two are full of it!  Hmmm can you be full of love?  I don't know but I'm going with it.

The above and below photos are faves.  I have a thing for awesome trees!