Nate and Jessica under a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G {Montana Engagement Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in

Meet Nate and Jessica.  I absolutely adore this couple and can not wait to shoot their wedding in less than a month!  They are crazy about each other, and could not have been happier during their engagement shoot.  Jessica spent the morning giggling, and Nate spent the morning crazy in love with his beautiful fiance.  Men don't typically love engagement shoots, but it was easy to see Nate was just happy to be spending time with Jessica.  It is obvious these two have what it takes.  Not only are they fun and easy to be around, they are kind, thoughtful, and not afraid to be a little silly.  They even showed concern when I shocked myself on the electric fence which was maybe one of the ditzier things I have done on a shoot.  (That's what I get for going back to blonde)

This couple is reason enough to look forward to a wedding, but they are also going to be getting married at the Sacajawea Hotel which is the perfect location for a wedding.  I am so excited to be a part of the first Sac wedding in the Event Tent, and Nate and Jessica are the perfect couple to break it in. 

 The image below is my fave!