Fun in the San Diego Sun!

by Whitney Bird in

Last week my parents, hubby, sister, her boyfriend James, and I went to San Diego for a little celebration.  We were celebrating Carley's college graduation, and it was also our first time vacationing all together.  It was a HUGE success.  We all had so much fun.  We went to a Padre's game, ate lots of nachos, drank too many cocktails, biked on the boardwalk, rode the roller coaster, danced, won a bar version of family feud, surfed on a wave machine, napped on the beach, and laughed for four days straight.  It was such a blast, and was much needed since this is going to be a crazy busy summer.  

While on vacation, I also managed to take a few photos!  Carley and I hatched a plan to take photos of her and James on the beach since they don't really have a lot of photos together.  We managed to talk James into giving us 10 minutes of photo time, and I am thinking that someday....if they get engaged....we might just have to make a trip back to do a full session all over San Diego.  I'm just might be a good idea.

I love photographing in Montana, but I have to say this was an incredibly fun change!

Oh and just a note...These are NOT engagement photos.  Just some fun couple photos :)  

 The photo below is shot in front of the Surf Rider condos which is where we stayed.  It was right on the boardwalk and Mission Beach.  LOVED the location!

 The one below is a FAVE! is one of Kev and I that Carley snapped.    
I think it is safe to say that San Diego and I will meet again.